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Best 10 Outsource Websites to Hire and get hired
Best 10 Outsource Websites to Hire and get hired

Best 10 Outsource Websites to Hire and get hired

You can find outsourcers for any tasks online and there are a number of best outsource websites which offer services to either allow you to list jobs or connect with outsourcers.

My advice is to decide what you’re looking for and which platform can provide the best people. This means that the next step is finding the hiring platform that is right for you.

You should be aware that there are many different options when it comes to finding people, especially online, and many of those options operate in different ways.

As a starting point to help with your research of which platform is right for you, here’s a list of the websites that we have experience in using.

There are other outsourcing websites that are out there, however, there will be a good starting point for you to start finding people to hire that work from home.

#1: Upwork.com

Upwork could be described as the biggest outsourcing website on the internet right now.

A few years ago, two popular online outsourcing company websites called oDesk and Elance decided to merge, and Upwork was the result of the successful partnership.

Upwork allows you to find outsourcers to work with and also tracks their time and their work.

You should use Upwork if…

you want to have a large, international choice of workers for your project, ranging from beginners to experts.

best outsource websites


It’s easy to use Upwork and there is a huge amount of outsourcers looking for work on there. Usually, if you post a task or vacant position you’re looking to fill, you’ll likely receive a good amount of keen applicants within a few days to choose from.

You can easily hire people through Upwork and it also gives you the ability to quickly identify whether a candidate is someone you might want to work with based on their portfolio, the skills they’ve demonstrated and their previous feedback.

Upwork also gives you an easy way to pay your outsourcers and if something happens such as a contractor refuses to send you the work you’ve paid them for, Upwork will step in and help you receive what you’re owed.

The time-tracker within Upwork makes it easy to ensure your outsourcers are doing their job and you can also communicate very easily with outsourcers through the platform if you want to.


Pricing – It’s expensive to pay people through Upwork’s system. You pay Upwork a 2.75% rate in processing fees for every hour your outsourcer works. While this may not seem like much, it does add up over time.

There are some options to lower this price to a $25 monthly flat fee depending on what country your account is based in, but it’s not available to 100% of users.

It can take a lot of interviews to fill a position. Because Upwork has one of the largest databases of online workers, there is a lot of competition when it comes to applying for limited jobs that get posted. You as an employer might find that it takes you a lot longer to find the right person for the job. This isn’t necessarily bad, but it’s a downside because of the time it will take you to find the right person.

Fraud. It’s rare, but because of the large volume of people looking for jobs, fraud can happen over Upwork. Some people that apply for your job might be using a purchased fake account a fake name and expect upfront payment for a job they do not plan on completing.

It’s important to properly screen your applicants. If possible, ask them to sign a contract and check their scanned identification. It’s not uncommon for disgruntled workers to do a bad job, or take your ideas to competitors, so exercise caution and protect yourself with legal paperwork when possible.

#2: Freelancer.com

Freelancer is a direct competitor of Upwork; they work based on similar principles and processes. Workers and employers can connect on their website, via job listings, and employers have the ability to screen, reject or hire workers registered on the website.

Instead of partnering with another large freelance website to grow, Freelancer has grown through their strategy of acquiring smaller outsourcing websites around the world, which have amassed to the large company Freelancer is today.


Like Upwork, Freelancer.com allow you to set jobs for tasks for an hourly wage, one agreed upon amount, or a series of milestone payments.

Its system does not differ too much from that of Upwork, which is an advantage as the way the hiring process works on both websites is easy and intuitive. Freelancer also offers its users a Desktop App and a Mobile App, to ensure work can be monitored from anywhere.


Same freelancers, different website. Some people over the years have expressed their dislike of the similarity between Freelancer.com and Upwork. It’s largely true that many freelance workers around the world are present, and bid for jobs on both websites.

As an employer listing jobs on both sites, there is a possibility that more or less the same people will bid for your job. In saying that, realistically, if these freelancers weren’t listing themselves on multiple websites, they couldn’t really call themselves freelancers, right?

Higher fees. Unlike Upwork’s 2.75%, Freelancer.com takes a 10% fee, which can be reduced with paid monthly membership. However, when you compare 2.75% to 10%, the difference cannot be downplayed.

You should use Freelancer.com if…

you want to engage the interest of workers from around the world, and have a second backup website to post a job on.

#3: Fiverr.com

Fiverr have been around for a while; their main hook is that you can get almost any small job, called a ‘gig’ done for just $5. Similar websites have started popping up that charge other flat-rate amounts, but Fiverr has continued to hold its standing and popularity. The website allows employers and workers to connect by exchanging small services or items at $5 of value.


The key advantage is that you know you know upfront exactly how much you should expect to pay for a task to be completed. There are options to ‘upgrade’ your purchase by paying $10, or $15 but that’s up to you.

Fiverr has an easy ordering process, and the range of services and products on the website is huge. You can get social media advice, videos created, a cartoon drawn, a postcard sent, a tweet sent out to a million followers, and everything in between.


Quality – You are paying $5 for a service. While some expect miracles, it’s important to not overestimate what you’re buying. If you purchased a gig for a marketing message to go out to one million followers of the seller, don’t be surprised if you don’t have one million sales the next day. Be realistic about what you’re buying. While quality is not always the greatest, keep reminding yourself: you paid $5 for it. If you find a gig that is great value then you can use it over and over again saving a lot of money.

No tracking available – the website does not track results or the work the seller completes for you. This means it is your responsibility as a buyer to read the description and any small print and track the results yourself.

For example, if you have paid for someone to send visitors to your Facebook Page, take note of how many Facebook Fans you have at the time of the gig order and how many came after the gig was marked as completed. Alternatively, if you don’t have any complaints, the website will credit the $5 you paid to the seller and close the order.

You should use Fiverr if…

you want to list a potential $5 job, or just want to pay for a quick, basic job to be completed for $5.

#4: Rent-ACoder.com

RentACoder gives employers the tools to rent software programmers on a per-project basis. The website connects freelance developers and people who need a website, mobile or desktop app, brochure design or logos completed by a professional.


The biggest advantage is that Rent-A-Coder is very specific in what it offers. The website caters to employers who want to hire workers for IT specific jobs. Because of the nature of the website, outsourcers bidding on your project are likely to be more knowledgeable in their respective fields. This is in comparison to other freelance websites where outsourcers tend to bid for masses of jobs not always relevant to their skill set.


No escrow – most outsourcing websites will charge the employer the cost of the job and put this money into what’s called an escrow account for safekeeping. Escrow is a type of insurance to ensure that the employer has the money to pay, and the worker knows they will receive the correct amount once they complete the job.

A lack of escrow means that you as the employer are in charge of the payment terms. This means that if you decide to pay your worker early for a project and they then decide not to complete it, it will be harder for you to get your money back or motivate the outsourcer to complete the job.

A good way to avoid having something like this happen is to ensure you sign the correct legal contracts with your hired outsourcer, or clearly, state in a written conversation what the payment terms will be.

Not a one-stop-shop – sometimes there are other jobs a business owner needs to be completed outside of development and because of the specific nature of the Rent-A-Coder, it’s unlikely you’ll find anyone other than developers or maybe designers through this website.

You should use Rent-A-Coder if…

the bulk of your outsourcing needs are currently around programming or website development, and you are confident in setting out your own payment terms with hired workers by means of conversation or legal contracts.

#5: OnlineJobs.ph – Hire Filipinos

Onlinejobs.ph, according to their website is the world’s largest and safest marketplace for finding rock star Filipino workers. You can find a worker for almost any job, and each one lives in the Philippines.



The key advantage of this website is in their training and screening process. When you engage in the website’s services, you will be receiving a worker that has been screened and in some cases trained to specifically execute the job you are looking to hire them for.

The process of hiring works almost identical to Upwork – you can either post a job listing, or take a look at workers’ CVs and then choose someone to engage. Filipinos are known for their proficient English skills, attention to customer support and adherence to instructions.

In the Philippines there is a much lower cost of living, it’s why you’ll find the Filipinos rates and salaries are much lower than if you were hiring from the likes of the US or New Zealand for example.


Timezones. Depending on where you are Filipinos are most likely going to be living in a different timezone to you. As an alternative to combat this disadvantage, other websites can offer a wider variety of workers in other time zones if you want your workers to live in a similar timezone to your place of business.

Possible internet outages. The Philippines are known for frequent natural disasters. There are sometimes power outages. While this can happen to any worker in many different countries Filipinos are more at risk because these incidents happen quite frequently. Power outages can go on for one or two days so it’s recommended that if you’re working towards a tight deadline that you have a backup in place.

You should use Onlinejobs if…

You’d like to hire Filipinos with their reputation for excellent knowledge of the English language and stellar customer support.

#6: HeadHunter

HeadHunter is a Russian website that specializes in providing employers with access to worker profiles. The website does not take a percentage of future earnings, but rather charges employers for posting jobs, or viewing contact details of workers that have listed themselves on the website.

HeadHunter Russian
HeadHunter Russian

This website is regarded quite highly in Russia, so most workers that create profiles on here have a very rich education, experience, and working background.


The website’s pricing is quite competitive compared to its international counterparts. You pay around $40 for one job listing or to have access to HeadHunter‘s database to approach prospective candidates for 24 hours. The rates and salaries workers ask for are noticeably lower than on websites such as Upwork.

Another advantage of this website is its security screening. The website takes safety very seriously and will ask employers for copies of their business registration documents, as well as through reference checks of workers who create profiles on the website.


Language – the biggest disadvantage, of course, is that the entire website is in Russian and so are all the worker profiles. If you like the sound of this website and want to use it you can always translate the pages, as well as search for workers who have specified that they are fluent in languages other than Russian. Most Russian outsourcers on the website will speak English.

Weird pricing structures – if you are only going onto the website to talk to one specific person, you will still need to pay for access to the database of the district or region of Russia and neighboring Slavic countries this person is living in. Depending on which region you want to view workers from, the pricing varies. For example, you can gain access to the entire database of workers based in Kazakhstan for half the price of a small Siberian district.

Slow system – we’re not sure if this is done by design or not, but the payment process is not automated. What this means that you have to first submit a ‘call of interest’ on the website, then you are taken to a place where you can ‘top up’ your account.

Once you’ve topped up your account you then have to ‘buy’ the service or database access you want from within the system. Finally, you’ll have to wait up to 48 hours for the website staff to grant you access. It’s fine if you have time to wait around, but confusing and seemingly slow when you want instant access to what you paid for.

You should use HeadHunter if…

you want to hire Russian workers at a good price.

#7: 99Designs.com – Find a designer

99Designs, as the name suggests, is a platform for employers to find designers. Logos, flyers, website designs, and almost any other design you might need. The website is split up into two parts: “Contests” and “Projects”. Contests are where the employer posts a description of the design they need, choose a payment amount and then wait for designers to submit their work.

The employer can then choose a winning design or ask to edit a submitted design until they’re happy with it. ‘Projects’ is for employers who have had success with designers bidding on their contests in the past; if they really like a particular designer and want to hire them for other projects, they can do so through the website.


The main contests part is a handy way to receive a lot of different designs to choose from. Projects on the other hand and the process of it is not revolutionary, and the same designers can usually be found and engaged on other websites.


There has to be a winner. The biggest disadvantage is that when you post a job, you are guaranteed a certain amount of designs to be delivered. However, even if you did not like any of the designs, you will still have to choose someone to ‘win’ the contest. This sometimes means that you don’t get a logo you want, but you still need to pay as if it was completed.

You should use 99designs if…

you’re not 100% sure about what kind of design you want to be made for a specific project and want to choose a winning design from a range of suggestions.

#8: Dribbble.com – Find a designer

Dribbble is the social network platform of designers around the world. According to their own website, you can find web designers, graphic designers, illustrators, icon artists, typographers, logo designers, and other creative types that share small previews of their work, process, and current projects.


Because of the way the website is designed, Dribbble is a mecca of design talent. It was primarily created for designers to check out each other’s work. It’s human nature to want to put your best foot forward in front of colleagues, and therefore you’re likely to find very original and creative examples of work from designers around the world. You can decide to contact and talk to designers that interest you only after you’ve had a chance to see their design work.


It’s just a social network – the website does not pose itself as a matchmaking service between employers and designers, and therefore the website does not screen their users. If you like designs of a designer that you like, it’s your responsibility to do your due diligence and seek references and other information about the designer and their work ethic. Likewise, the website won’t step in on your behalf if you’ve had a negative experience with one of the designers listed on their website.

You should use Dribbble if…

you want a background check of other work on a designer you’re about to hire on another platform, or if you haven’t found any designers on any other platforms that can create the type of designs you want.

#9: WarriorForum.com

Warriors Hire is a section of the popular Warrior Forum website owned by Freelancer.com is a communication channel to let online marketers find online marketing related services that Warrior Forum members have said they can help with.


The forum is very basic. It features only two options; you can either list a service if you are a contractor and want to be hired, or you can browse or search for services that are being offered by contractors.

It’s basic, and the website takes no cut from any hires that are made as a result of this forum. Because all posts are made by existing Warrior Forum members, you can look at contractors’ profiles to see how long they have been involved in online marketing.


It’s a very Basic System. The biggest advantage is also its disadvantage. Because of how basic the forum is, employers have limited ability to screen contractors and the other way around.

Also, this forum does not broker working relationships and should be considered as just that: a forum where you can meet connect with people.

You should use Warrior Forum’s Warrior Hire if…

you want to find a contractor in a forum for a one-off job, and you’re comfortable with agreeing on working terms with the worker directly.

10 TopGold Forum Marketplace

TopGoldForum Marketplace
TopGoldForum Marketplace

TopGoldForum’s Marketplace is a section of the popular TopGoldForum website owned by MediaDigi.com is a communication channel to let online users buy and sell different goods and services like SEO, Social Media, programming services, marketing, websites, and domains, hosting, advertising, digital money exchange etc.


Getting a TGF account and then looking for jobs is very easy and it has no fee. However, you should spend some time to fill your profile and get good ratings before being accepted for large projects.

Having categories like Money Exchange, Scripts, Software and AppsHosting, Domains TopGold Forum Marketplace may be the perfect place to get all you need for your next project or also post more offers if you are offering multiple services.

If you just started offering services or looking for jobs but also still learning you should register on TopGold Forum.


It’s a very Basic System. The biggest advantage is also its disadvantage. Because of how basic the forum is, employers have limited ability to screen contractors and the other way around.

Also, this forum does not broker working relationships and should be considered as just that: a forum where you can meet connect with people.

You should use TopGoldForum if…

you want to find a contractor in a forum for a one-off job, and you’re comfortable with agreeing on working terms with the worker directly.


These are just best outsource websites that online business owners can use in order to find outsourcers for their business.

As always, do your own research first and don’t rush in and post too many job offers on too many websites, especially if you have to pay to do it.

We usually advise against paying for job listings, however, understand that in the long run, it may be a more cost-effective option if the alternative is paying the website a percentage of everything your worker earns.

Take your time, create profiles on these websites and look at what kind of jobs are being posted Also look at what kind of outsourcers have profiles on there.

You can always hire from more than one website, but you’ll want to narrow it down to two or ideally one when you start getting a team together.

It’s much easier to manage your team from within one system.

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