How to get featured on authoritative sites like Forbes
How to get featured on authoritative sites like Forbes

How to get featured on authoritative sites like Forbes

Gaining traction in this competitive world is a hard-hitting one.

By the way, you can’t wait for the influencers to recognise and reward your brand willingly.

But, if you accomplish it, then you can enjoy better brand visibility and reputation in the industry. Not only these, but also it drives good web traffic, attracts new investors, gets you authority backlinks, and more online followers.

It takes a strategic approach with the mix of healthy tactics appropriate for your brand and the target sites.

Getting featured on authoritative sites like Forbes can either be publishing your content over there or getting a backlink to your site. Anything is valuable and gets you immediate results.

Still, getting your blog covered in the high-authority profile is intricate, but achievable.

There are two different ways you can get your blog on authority sites – as a stranger or as a friend.

#1. Getting featured on authority sites as a stranger

It’s a nightmare seeking an opportunity to get your article published on big platforms like Forbes,, etc. being a stranger in your industry.

Let’s takes Forbes, contributors like Stuart Anderson can directly put his content on to the site. Even editors won’t proofread or review it before publishing.

If any minor changes required, editors will do it after publication.

Forbes Contributor - Stuart Anderson
Forbes Contributor – Stuart Anderson

In that case, think about how trending the topic must be and the content quality.

So, if you are not confident enough, better take your time to prepare yourself and then, hit.

Or, if you are ready, submit your excellent article to Forbes at [email protected] and wait for the progress. If you didn’t hear back anything from the team for a week or more, then assume that the content didn’t get through.

Use it somewhere else.

Or, if you want to be a regular contributor to Forbes, then show your interest via the Google Form. You will have to feed your LinkedIn, Twitter profile details, sample write-ups, etc., for the thorough evaluation.

Forbes contributor form
Forbes contributor form

(Note: The Google form maybe not working as Forbes receives too many requests and put it on hold.)

If you are in luck, then you can see you and your content on Forbes.

Being a contributor, you will like its analytics data that can review your content performance. Moreover, you will undergo regular training webinars for your betterment.

Likewise, you can try reaching out to the editorial team of other authority sites that you want to get featured on. Let them know that you are engrossed to contributing your ‘hacks’ and articles to their website.

But, if and only if your write-up admires the editor too – you can hit the ball. Otherwise, a big no-no.

Above all, there will be hundreds and thousands of writers, bloggers or online marketers knocking the doors. There are chances for you to get lost in the crowd.

So, what if you didn’t get through this?

Can’t you get featured on such authoritative sites?

Still, you can – as a person.

#2. Getting featured on authoritative sites as a friend

It’s a global fact that you can’t expect favours from others, as an unfamiliar person.

So, how to befriend? With whom?

Let’s explore more about these.

#2.1 Start small

On the very first day, you can’t get a friendship flag from Brian Dean or Nathan Gotch. So, get started with bloggers who are close to you. Whom you think you can reach (digitally) at least.

However, setting a goal can drive you towards accomplishing it. So, research and prospect one or a few influencers in your niche. Identify the roadmap and get started with networking.

You may use some practical tools to find the top influencers in your industry. It’s your liberty to choose anything – BuzzStream, BuzzSumo, Outreach.Buzz, Ninja Outreach, etc. And, these tools let you know more metrics about the influencers and the sites. With which, you can analyse and examine whom, you should follow or target.

Use BuzzSumo to find influencers in your niche
Use BuzzSumo to find influencers in your niche.

Otherwise, if you are active and famous in the blogging community, then you are a step ahead. Make a calendar to pin some of the chores that you will have to do every day to build relationships with the pro bloggers or influencers.

Here are some of the ways you can get you or your brand noticed by your target influencers.

How to become a friend of influencers and get noticed in the community

  • Comment Regularly –  Subscribe to their email lists and open the doors to start interacting with them. And, make sure to follow their blog and drop genuine comments that add value to their blog space. Especially, try to make interactive blog comments and get noticed.
  • Become a social follower – Check out their social profiles and mark your interests in terms of likes, tweets, shares, etc. Often, share whenever your target influencer publishes a new worthwhile article. Please don’t do it intentionally. Let it be from the heart.
  • Feature them on your blog – While publishing an article on your blog, try to mention the influencer’s name or blog article or any of their good works in your content. And, let them know about your mention.
  • Invite them for an Interview – To value their expertise, get them interviewed on your blog and showcase their value propositions to your audiences. Not only to credit their excellence but also to help your readership to observe more strategies from those influencers. Example: Interview with Neil PatelInterview with Rand Fishkin – Founder of Moz.
Outreach email informing an influencer he was mentioned in our blog post
Outreach email informing an influencer he was mentioned in our blog post.

Also, you can make them participate in your expert roundup posts to spread their insights on a specific topic in what they are a master in.

How to create an expert roundup
How to create an expert roundup

If you are in a misconception that all these will happen overnight, then you will be disappointed and give away. Please give them a time-space to recognise you, your magnetism towards them and finally to accredit you.

#2.2 Its time to pitch

Once you are confident that you are now a good friend or one of their friends – then outreach them with a personalised email.

You can’t directly send a mail requesting the opportunity to get your content featured on.

It claims a lot of groundwork. Make sure to run through diligent research and pick a few topic suggestions that best suits to the target site.

Make yourself familiar with the topics to pitch those with a detailed outline. So, the influencer will get impressed with your pitching. Based on this, the approval ratio will be high.

Don’t forget to mention your sample works in your email. Keep your email short and precise.

#2.3 Keep up the promises

Getting a positive response is itself a milestone. But, still, you can lose the opportunity if your write-up didn’t match their expectations. So, put your maximum efforts to bring out a breath-taking content with engaging elements.

But, before writing content – check the guidelines to improve the opportunity to get approved and published.

As much as you keep your content ready to publish, making the editor’s job – your content will get featured on probably.

Drafting a proper author bio can get you more opportunities from other influencers in your niche too.

So, getting your article featured on other sites via outreaching – we call it guest blogging.

#3. Other ways you can get live on authority sites?

#3.1 Content Roundups

One of the easiest ways to get you or your content featured on or linked on authoritative sites is participating in the content roundups.

Content or link roundups are nothing but compiling and publishing the curated industry content at one place, with a different frequency – monthly or weekly.

Search in Google for such content roundups in your niche. You may use search strings like allintitle:keyword + “monthly roundup”.

Content Roundups.png

Again, getting mentioned in such content roundup is possible only with two things – the quality of your content and your pitching skills.

Make sure that your content is worthy and pick sites that regularly publish content roundups. Then, create the appropriate pitch and succeed.

#3.2 Post on Medium

In recent days, publishing fresh content or republishing your blog article on Medium gets more traction. Like Quora, Medium is also viral and has a good audience base.

You can create an account with Twitter, Google, Facebook or with an email to publish or republish your content there. Don’t worry much about content duplication. Google doesn’t take it that seriously as you mean.

Make sure to link to your original article – then it is no offence. Before posting your content, skim through its existing articles to understand what is trending on Medium.

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#4. Takeaways 

Like Medium it’s not necessary to be easy to get your article on Huffington Post or Business Insider. But, it can be achieved if you follow the site’s guidelines and posting rules carefully before preparing or pitching.

How to Choose a Website for Guest Blogging 9 Metrics to Check
How to Choose a Website for Guest Blogging 9 Metrics to Check

Make sure to produce content that resonates with its readers and the brand’s profile. So, let’s get your site featured on more authority sites and reap the benefits.

Questions? Let me know in the comments form below.

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