How To Generate Traffic To Your Blog [10 Tips]
How To Generate Traffic To Your Blog [10 Tips]

How To Generate Traffic To Your Blog [10 Tips]

Traffic is one of the most crucial metrics to track your site’s success. When you triumphantly drive users to your website, they are now more likely to digest your content and patronize your brand.

Having valuable and unique content alone cannot make your brand succeed in business. You still need to work hard to increase blog traffic, and your brand will reach so many consumers.

So if you already started your blog and you’re looking to increase blog traffic and make sure your target market hears your voice, below are 10 smart steps you should take:

1. Learn About Your Audience

Before anything else, you should first get to know your target audience.

All your efforts in content making and driving traffic will be in vain if you don’t familiarize yourself with your market.

Make use of data and analytics to collate information about your audience.

You have to learn about their needs and interests, including their dislikes and fears.

Developing a robust online marketing strategy rests on fleshing out what problems you want to solve for your audience. This, in turn, will drive users to your site because they know you’ve got answers to their dilemmas. Audience research is a never-ending process, so be ready always to update the audience profiles you collect.

How to track your SEO results with Google Analytics - Complete Guide
How to track your SEO results with Google Analytics – Complete Guide

2. Create Original and Relevant Content

Once you’ve gathered enough information about your audience, you are now armed with the right data to get you started on relevant content creation. Knowing what your audience wants to see on their timelines gives you a solid foundation on what you need to publish in your blog.

Digital Marketing Trends for Content Creators
Digital Marketing Trends for Content Creators

Your content should also be unique. Users are likely to click on your links when you present new and interesting material to them–something they’ve never encountered before in relation to your industry. This requires thorough research on various subjects related to your brand and your market.

3. Build a Social Media Presence

Building a social media presence is also crucial to increase your blog traffic fast. According to We Are Social, the total number of Internet users in 2020 is 4.54 billion, 3.8 billion of which are social media users. Make the most out of this virtual gathering of users to establish brand awareness to them.

Creating a social media presence is more than just putting up business pages or accounts. It’s about knowing how to converse with your target consumers in platforms mainly used to connect with family and friends.

Do this by developing a brand persona, i.e., a virtual personality with its own quirks that strongly represent your brand’s vision. This can help users recognize and remember you easily, which can drive traffic to your site.

4. Engage Your Audience in Forums or Threads

You can also increase blog traffic for free by conversing with users on various online forum and discussions. Online threads are platforms where users get to air out their concerns about certain topics, which includes grievances about products or brands they use.

Jump on this opportunity to learn about your market’s concerns about your products or the industry as a whole. Responding to their queries and linking them to your site for further information can drive traffic to your blog.

5. Try Guest Blogging for Authoritative Sites

Another way to increase blog traffic fast is to produce content for sites that are reliable and relevant to your market. This is called guest blogging which takes advantage of those sites’ high domain authority.

Sites with high domain authority rank better in SERPs which, in turn, means high visibility when users search for topics relevant to the industry. In addition to striving to increase your site’s domain authority to increase blog traffic, you can maximize other site’s authority to drive users to your blog. Site authority is passed on to pages linked to one’s site.

6. Maximize the Power of SEO

Another powerful way to increase your blog traffic is by using Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO thoroughly researches keywords which consumers are likely to use when searching for content relevant to your business.

Once you maximize keyword research, you can create content that ranks well on SERPs. Search engines use crawlers to index your content for relevance and originality. Search engines want to make sure that your content answers users’ search intent.

Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other similar sites use the data collected by crawlers to rank your site in their results page. This is one way you can organically increase blog traffic for free. Use keyword research tools to make sure the keywords you pick are the ones users are searching for.

7. Strategize the Advertisements You Put Out

Generating advertisements is one way to increase blog traffic and brand awareness. However, you may as well be wasting your money and your efforts if you don’t strategize when, where, and to whom you release your advertisements.

You don’t promote your products by blindly placing advertisements on every platform you can get your hands on. You won’t be able to increase blog traffic if you release advertisements without studying your target market’s behaviours and interests.

Based on information about your audience, you’ll know what types of advertisements work well on your consumers and on what platforms you should make them available.

8. Develop a Well Thought Out UX design

User experience (UX) design also contributes to driving traffic to your site. UX design has to do with your site’s ease of use and how it translates into your brand’s vision effectively. This includes your website, app (if you have one) and your advertisements.

If your site is slow to load or has unsatisfactory graphics, they’re not likely to visit your website. Poor UX can also affect users actual perception of your brand. It can increase or decrease their trust and loyalty, depending on their overall interaction with your site.

9. Improve on Link Building

Your site’s domain authority is very important in driving traffic to your site. One way you can increase your site authority is by implementing best practices on link building. As mentioned, backlinks from authoritative websites can help beef up your own site’s authority.

You can also do that on your own by augmenting your site’s internal link building. Internal link building is a way of “sharing” some of your pages’ link equity to your less popular pages.

If you are using WordPress we recently reviewed a great plugin that does this almost automatically. It’s called LinkWhisper. Check the LinkWhisper Review here and the LinkWhisper Exclusive Discount code here.

10. Schedule Regular Marketing Assessment

If you’re wondering why you’ve tried every advertisement technique you know but still can’t increase your blog traffic, maybe it’s time to assess your online marketing strategy. You won’t know where you went wrong if you don’t spend time evaluating how you implemented your marketing strategies.

Schedule regular assessments of your advertising campaigns on all platforms. Make sure to take note of users’ responses to your products or your brand, as a whole.

Your reputation among your audience influences their decision to visit your website or whether or not to buy your product. You can learn about your audience’s concerns by using data and analytics.

You may even hire advertising firms to help you make sense of the trends in your advertisement campaigns that affect your blog traffic.


Generating traffic to your website is a huge part of your business. The Internet is a powerful tool in marketing, and you’ll be missing a lot of promotion opportunities if you don’t learn how to master online marketing.

The steps enumerated above can help increase your blog traffic and reap more sales.

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